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What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

There are many benefits to using concentrates, but their biggest draw is potency. Concentrates deliver refined, clean doses of cannabis, with extremely high levels of THC. While cannabis flower usually has a potency of 15-20% THC, concentrates can contain anywhere between 50-90%+ THC. Due to the high potency of cannabis concentrate products, it is highly recommended consumers start with a low dose and take it slow.

Concentrates are inhaled, however unlike traditional flower, they do not use combustion to activate the THC. Rather, they are heated to a temperature that instantly vaporizes the cannabinoids and flavorful terpenes, creating a smooth, aromatic experience that packs a big punch. You only need to use a tiny amount of concentrates to achieve big effects, and that makes them more discrete and efficient to use on-the-go.

Types of Concentrates

Back Types of Cannabis Concentrates Concentrates take many different forms and can be confusing to the new concentrate user. Wax Wax concentrates have a texture

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